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Building Aboriginal Women's Leadership

The aim of the Building Aboriginal Women’s Leadership (BAWL) Program is to assist in Building Capacity and supporting Aboriginal women as leaders in their communities.  Many Aboriginal communities are working hard to heal from the effects of historical and current conditions of oppression & racism. ONWA believes that this can be accomplished by Aboriginal women changing the presence and practices of our women, by encouraging networking and by women taking a more active role in understanding how governments and leadership function.

The BAWL program focuses on the issues, challenges, and inequities that Aboriginal women face as we strive to fulfill the responsibilities of our jobs, meet the needs of our family members, and answer the demands of the community. The program also addresses the issue of under representation of women in positions of influence, on tribal and band councils, management boards and boards of directors of Aboriginal organizations.

This will be achieved through the following four initiatives

  1. Leadership skills development training for Aboriginal women from across the province on leadership methods, facilitation skills, board development training, and financial literacy
  2. Mentorship by established ONWA locals for women in less established centres/member groups to provide effective community leadership
  3. Public education, development and use of community and information networks to help promote awareness of Aboriginal women in leadership roles.
  4. Planning sessions for Aboriginal women from four communities (representing ONWA’s four regions) to shape the training program to address specific needs of their communities for community development leadership and business development leadership

Training is available on the following topics:

  • Social and economic issues, trends and implications
  • Change management and becoming an agent of change
  • Hands-on strategic planning – a model for personal, community, or business planning
  • Life balance: stress management, healing, personal boundaries; separating self from career, family, and community
  • Communications and media relations
  • The challenges of leadership: accountability, performance, decision-making, delegation, and mentoring
  • Empowerment through experiential learning
  • Resolving conflict with integrity, creating options, and managing anger
  • Facilitation and organizational skills

BAWL Manuals:

  1. Facilitators Manual
  2. Resource Materials for Employers
  3. Political Sciences
  4. Business Communications
  5. Strategic and Business Planning
  6. Historical Review
  7. Board Roles and Responsibilities
  8. Communication and Leadership
  9. Incorporation Manual

10.  Financial Management

11.  Strategic Planning

12.  Mentorship

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Click here to download the Building Aboriginal Women's Leadership brochure.


For more information, please contact:

Capacity Developer
Building Aboriginal Women's Leadership Program
Toll Free: 1-800-667-0816 Local: (807) 623-3442

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