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Education Resource Development for Parents



This program is designed to help parents with children in grades K to 8 who are taking part in virtual learning, blended learning, or other home-based learning programs. ONWA is not providing a replacement for school. We are inviting parents to build an online learning community where they will develop skills and knowledge to support their children's education.

Get help with resources and technology. Talk about learning in math and literacy while at school or at home through our online activities. Take a break with our weekly wellness activities for caregivers.

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  1. Find the session you are interested in attending on the Upcoming Sessions calendar

  2. Click the "Register now" link in the session details (click on the session name to open details)

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Who is this program for?

Parents in Ontario with children in grades K to 8.

How do I access this program?

Sessions will be available on a Monday to Friday schedule. They will be offered online via ZOOM. You will need access to the internet. ZOOM also has a phone-in option, although this will limit your ability to access the full program. To receive the ZOOM information, please Register to Attend above.

Check what session are currently available on the Upcoming Sessions calendar above.

Do I need to register for every session?

No. You only need to register once. 

What will the sessions look like?

Every session is unique. Sessions are designed for participants, and based on needs and feedback.

Do I have to attend the whole session?

No. You can attend part or all of the session.

What will the presentations, lessons, and workshops be about?

Some examples of topics may include:

  • Ontario’s educations system: who decides what’s happening

  • Understanding curriculum

  • Talking to the teacher

  • How do children learn?

  • What are the “big ideas” of math?

  • Helping your child with reading

  • Helping your child with writing

  • Helping your child with math

  • Finding science in everyday activities

  • Small motor skill activities

  • Accessing special education services at schools


These are some of the topics; additional sessions will be designed to talk about issues and concerns that parents identify as important. 

When are sessions available?

Sessions will be available on a Monday to Friday schedule. Check what session are currently available on the Upcoming Sessions calendar above.

How do I sign up?

To sign up, please complete Register to Attend form above.

What locations are these available?

This is an online program. It is open to parents across Ontario. 

Is this program free?

Yes. There is no cost associated with this program.

Will I need any materials?

For most sessions nothing special will be needed. Many learning activities can be done with items you have in your home. Items will be distributed as needed (depending on availability).

For more information, please contact:

ONWA Centralized Intake at 807-623-3442 or Toll Free at 1-800-667-0816​