Tanya Talaga is an Anishnaabe Kwe author, journalist, and storyteller, her mother’s family is from the traditional territory of the Fort William First Nation. Talaga is also the bestselling author of two award winning books; Seven Fallen Feathers and All Our Relations: Finding The Path Forward.


Talaga shares with us the teachings of the Seven Grandfathers and reflects on how the Teachings can help get through the day during these strange and unprecedented times.

Dabaadendiziwin, Humility

Humility is to know yourself as a sacred part of Creation. You are equal to others, but you are not better.

Aakode'ewin, Courage/Bravery

To face a foe with integrity. To do what is right even when the consequences are unpleasant.

Minaadendamowin, Respect

Have respect for all that is. All of Creation should be treated with respect. You must give respect if you wish to be respected.

Zaagi'idiwin, Love

To know love is to know peace. Love must be unconditional. When people are weak they need love the most.

Gwayakwaadiziwin, Honesty

Always be honest in word and action. Be honest first with yourself, and you will more easily be able to be honest with others.

Debwewin, Truth

Speak the truth.
Do not deceive yourself or others.

Nibwaakaawin, Wisdom

To cherish knowledge is to know wisdom. Wisdom is given by the Creator to be used for the good of the people.