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Eagle staff


ONWA is here to empower and give a voice to Indigenous women and their families.


We can only do this through the dedication of our team.

Our Culture

Why choose ONWA?


ONWA prides itself on representing the community members in which we serve. We give first priority and look to hire Indigenous women who can fulfill our roles and responsibilities successfully and carry our vision forward. We are an inclusive work environment and an equal opportunity employer. We are proud to say over 75% of our workforce are Indigenous women.

Our work environment is a family and we offer many positions ranging from administrative, front line services, middle management and senior management roles. We work with employees who have the desire to succeed and grow with the organization and we promote internal advancement.

We work hard to ensure all of our recruitment processes reflect our values while guiding us to decisions that best fit the roles we are hiring to. We look for and want people who have a passion for what they do, and who genuinely care to support Indigenous women and their families.


ONWA Offers:

Make a difference in the lives of Indigenous peoples by supporting and advocating for positive change. ONWA prides itself on providing all employees with a total rewards package that is generous and supports our workforce and their family members.

Ongoing professional development

Generous paid vacation time, including additional paid time off during Winter Break

Competitive Retirement Savings Plan, up to 16% with organization match pending position

Paid Cultural/Personal Wellness time

Paid management days

Possible reimbursement on portion of internet and phone expenses

Flexible scheduling to support work-life balance; 35-hour work week, remote/hybrid work offered in various positions

Additional paid Civic/Stat holidays, including National Indigenous Peoples Day

Annual Life Spending account and Annual Health Spending account

Paid sick time

Comprehensive benefits program, including health, dental, vision, paramedical, and EAP. Employer currently covers all premiums.

Competitive salaries

What can you expect?

  1. We use an applicant tracking system that ensures transparency and keeps our interested candidates informed throughout the entire recruitment process.  As an interested candidate, you will use this from the moment you apply.

  2. We review all applicants to ensure we are choosing the best fit possible and we keep you informed along the way.

  3. We set up interviews with a selected panel that supports the role (s) we are hiring to.  We want to ensure a good fit for both us as well as you. 

  4. We speak with references to help us make an informed decision on choosing the right person for the role.

  5. We ask for a vulnerable sector search to ensure the ongoing safety of our community members and program delivery.

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