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Embracing The Four Agreements: A Guiding Light for ONWA's Culture
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Our Values

At ONWA, we are committed to providing all of our employees, with support and guidance to be their best self and successful in their roles.  Culture is the foundation of everything we do and is included in the delivery of all programs and services at the ONWA.  It grounds us and keeps us focused on why we are here.  ONWA prides itself on supporting all employee’s with continuous cultural teachings.  We use the guidance provided by our teachings, our traditions and our Elders.

  • Wisdom – We all make mistakes.  Learning from them is what we encourage and using all resources available can help us in our journey.

  • Love – We show our love for our community, our community members, our co-workers and our family, through our daily words and our actions.

  • Respect – We accept everyone we deal with, as they are and without judgement.  We listen to them openly and are sensitive to their feelings.  Everyone matters.

  • Bravery – We all have decisions to make and some are not easy.  Having the courage to do things that can be difficult and need to be done or said is supported, as we understand this is how we grow and develop.

  • Honesty – We support an environment of transparency.  We encourage our employees to speak and act in an honest and kind way.

  • Humility – We lead by being humble and modest and modelling the values we hold true to our heart.

  • Truth – We know and believe in our Seven Grandfather Teachings.  We identify ourselves through these and live by them in our daily dealings.

Our Commitment

Our stakeholders are both internal and external.  Internal stakeholders and their needs have been identified and the HR Department is committed to ensuring these are fulfilled.

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