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At the ONWA, we celebrate and honour the safety and healing of Indigenous women and girls as they take up their leadership roles in the family, community and  internationally for generations to come.

Ontario Native Women's Association (ONWA) Vision

Our Vision
About Us

About Us​

The Ontario Native Women’s Association (ONWA) is a not for profit organization to empower and support all Indigenous women and their families in the province of Ontario through research, advocacy, policy development and programs that focus on local, regional and provincial activities. 


Established in 1971, ONWA delivers culturally enriched programs and services to Indigenous women and their families regardless of their status or locality.  We are committed to providing services that strengthen communities and guarantee the preservation of Indigenous culture, identity, art, language and heritage. Ending violence against Indigenous women and their families and ensuring equal access to justice, education, health services, environmental stewardship and economic development, sit at the cornerstone of the organization. ONWA insists on social and cultural well–being for all Indigenous women and their families, so that all women, regardless of tribal heritage may live their best life.

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ONWA is committed to using a human rights framework for our work. As our foundation, we use the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP). This framework supports Indigenous women’s individual and
collective rights to have their own agencies, to be directly and meaningfully engaged on issues that directly impact them and the reclaiming of their leadership.


Indigenous women’s role as matriarchs (leadership) in their families and communities.


Indigenous women’s identity and inherent rights beyond a jurisdictional approach.


relationships to ensure that Indigenous women have a right to safety regardless of location.


that Indigenous women are the medicine needed to heal ourselves, families, and communities.

Our Values

Strategic Issues Model

onwa Strategic Issues Model v4
Strategic Issues Model
Organizational Structure

Organizational Structure


At ONWA, we do not see one person as more important than the other, but rather, we focus on each of our responsibilities as part of the whole. We come together in unity and work towards one vision. ONWA’s Operating Model (below) places Indigenous women at the centre surrounded by our vision, principles, and mandate. Our operating model is reflective not only of our organizational structure but also reflective of the intersectionality of our work as an agency and focuses on everyone’s responsibilities as leaders within the agency.

ONWA Operating Model v24 (2022-04-12) APPROVED.png
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