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Our Services for Indigenous Women in Thunder Bay

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Would you like to access one of our programs or services?


Program Listing

Are you an Indigenous woman in Thunder Bay? We’re here for you.



Babaamendam (Trauma-Informed Care)

Creates safe spaces for Indigenous women who wish to exit oppressive and violent situations.


Centralized Intake

Provides a single point of contact for referents and community members to access immediate supports and brief services across the province of Ontario.

Provincially Available | Thunder Bay


Community Health Outreach

Builds community capacity in community health and wellness, with the knowledge that if Indigenous women are well, the community is well.

Provincially Available | Greenstone 


Community Wellness

Delivers strength-based, culturally- grounded programming, working one-on-one with families to support Indigenous women’s leadership.


Ending Violence Against Indigenous Women

Provides education, training and tools to empower and support Indigenous women’s healing, specifically survivors of sexual assault and abuse, based on the needs of the individuals.

Provincially Available | Sioux Lookout | Thunder Bay


Gladue Writer

First ever Gladue Program for Indigenous women by Indigenous women. Provides supports and services to ensure Indigenous women’s voice is heard in the justice process.

Hamilton | Ottawa | Thunder Bay

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Indigenous Anti-Human Trafficking

Supports Indigenous communities in providing survivor-focused and localized responses to end Human Trafficking.

Provincially Available | Toronto

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Indigenous Diabetes Education

Educates and supports communities about the risk of diabetes and diabetes management.

Provincially Available | Thunder Bay


Indigenous Healthy Babies Healthy Children

Assists Indigenous families in providing the best possible opportunities for healthy development of children through family home visiting, service coordination, and referrals.

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Indigenous Registration Administrator

The Indigenous Registration Administrator assists with the application, facilitation, and renewals for applicants who have already been registered under the Indian Act.

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Indigenous Responsible Gambling Awareness

Provides community awareness, education, prevention, and resource development regarding responsible gambling for the benefit of all Indigenous women and their families.

Provincially Available | Thunder Bay


Indigenous Victim and Family Liaison

Provides culturally relevant services, guidance, support, and advocacy for Indigenous women who have experienced violence and the families of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls.


Indigenous Women’s Leadership

Builds capacity and supports Indigenous women as leaders in their current roles as leaders of organizations and communities. Maintaining relationships with ONWA’s membership.

Provincially Available | Thunder Bay

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Land-Based Healing Camps

Provides land-based services that meet the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being through a culturally trauma-informed approach.


Mental Health and Wellness

Utilizes a trauma-informed and traditional support framework to provide support and advocacy services to Indigenous women and their families.


Mindimooyenh Health Clinic

Offers a holistic community member driven approach to vaccination and healthcare in a safe space.


Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women Family Support

Supports families and loved ones of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women (MMIWG) with the reconciliation and healing process.

Provincially Available | Thunder Bay

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Assists the Indigenous population in Thunder Bay that are at risk of homelessness, and those experiencing homelessness.

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She is Wise Program

Builds leadership and capacity rooted in Indigenous knowledge and ways of knowing and being through a focus on Indigenous woman at the center approach.

Provincially Available | Thunder Bay


Ska-Be (Helper)

Provides support services to improve the health and wellbeing of urban Indigenous elderly women and/or those with chronic illness or disabilities.


Urban Aboriginal Strategy

ONWA is the sponsoring agency for the Thunder Bay Urban Aboriginal Advisory Committee.


Youth Cultural Intervention Program

Provides immediate support to female youth involved with, transitioning out, or at risk of involvement in the justice systems, police involvement, probation, and parole systems.


Youth Education Program

The Youth Education Support Workers will guide youth in creating community connections, teach essential life skills, incorporate traditional knowledge, provide peer based mental health support, and various forms of advocacy.

Thunder Bay | Timmins


Youth in Transition

Delivers housing supports and services to youth (16-17) years old who are in a Voluntary Youth Services Agreement.


Youth in Transition - Human Trafficking

Youth In Transition - Human Trafficking supports youth that are at risk, currently involved in or are survivors of human trafficking and sex trades.

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Youth Life Promotion (Mentorship)

Supports Indigenous youth life promotion and suicide prevention activities, including mental health and wellness supports, and clinical and land-based programming.

Provincially Available | Thunder Bay

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