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Youth Life Promotion

Gichabida'odan Bi Biimaadiziwinn
- Embracing Life



Through the services offered by the program, Indigenous youth will be supported in their emotional well-being through holistic, culturally-grounded supports that instill a sense of belonging, purpose, meaning and hope. Indigenous youth identity and positive role development are key features of this program.

The Battle Within


Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual

  • Lost Identity - Who am I?

  • Oppressed - Where do I come from?

  • Vision - What are my responsibilities?

  • Disconnected - Where am I going?


Addressing the risks

  • Prevent - Where is your safe space?

  • Intervene - Who can you talk to?

  • Alleviate - What can you do?

  • Connect - How to be you, love you, embrace you?

Provincially Available


Thunder Bay

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Youth Activities

ONWA will host fun activities for Indigenous Youth which will be focused on Cultural Teachings and Ceremony. Seasonal Traditional Activities:

  • Bear fat rendering

  • Community clean-ups

  • Community kitchen

  • Drum making

  • Family-orientated activities

  • Fire Keeper teachings

  • Gardening

  • Harvesting

  • Moccasin making

  • Prep and tan hides

  • Self-esteem and life skills

  • Skill learning workshops

  • Snowshoeing

  • Story telling

  • Syrup making

  • Tea/bannock teachings

Youth Mentorship Program

ONWA's Mentorship Program provides a series of traditional and cultural experiences for Indigenous youth applicants who are carefully paired with mentors.

Mentors will be involved in the process of creating and participating in Youth Group Events, while working with ONWA staff, Traditional Healers, Elders and Community Members.

The goal of the Youth Mentorship program is for Youth Mentors to gain knowledge of:


  • Leadership skills

  • Prioritization

  • Effective Communication

  • Healthy and Safe Environment

  • Structured Organization

  • Planning and Scheduling

  • Strengthened Relationships

  • Efficiency

  • Coordination

  • Ceremony

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