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Land-Based Healing Camps



Land-Based Healing Camps provide land-based services that meet the physical,  mental, emotional and spiritual well-being through a culturally trauma-informed approach.

Services Offered


Land-Based Healing Camps educate and support Indigenous women, their families, and the community in regaining their connection to the land, culture, tradition. 


  • Land-based Therapy (seasonal)

  • Access to Elders and Traditional Healers

  • Traditional healing and cultural ceremony 

  • Traditional protocol teachings

  • Crafting and making ceremonial items (skirts, shirts, drums, rattles)

  • Sharing and healing circles

  • Medicine walks and teachings (harvesting and usage)

  • Teachings on shared responsibilities and traditional roles

  • Land-based skills teachings (medicines, trapping, fishing, snaring)

  • Traditional food harvesting and preparation (rice, bannock making)



In connecting and learning from the land, we learn to care for ourselves. Mother Earth nurtures us, helps us to heal, and empowers us to reclaim our identity as Indigenous people.

Land-based Programming


In connecting and caring for the lands, we learn to care for ourselves. Mother Earth helps us to heal, she helps us to know who we are. In knowing who we are in relation to the land, we become the medicine.

Niibin Camping

Niibin Camping

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