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Gladue Bail Letters

Gladue Bail Letters

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Since 1999, the Canadian criminal justice system and the Criminal Code have been trying to address the over incarceration rates of Indigenous Women across Canada through the writing of Gladue Reports at a finding or pleading of guilt. However, despite over 20 years of implementing s. 718.2(e) of the Criminal Code and Gladue Principles in the criminal justice system, Indigenous Women continue to be incarcerated at increasing, disproportionate rates. ONWA has been writing Gladue Reports at the sentencing of Indigenous women since 2018, and as an organization, we recognize that overincarceration starts well before sentencing at the denial of bail. ONWA will now be writing Gladue Bail Letters for Indigenous accused women at the Ottawa and Brantford Courthouses come November 1, 2021. To request a Bail Letter, please download our Gladue Request Form and send it to the Program Coordinator at


Gladue and Gladue Aftercare

ONWA’s Gladue Program recognizes the strength and resiliency of all Indigenous women and provides supports and services to ensure her voice is heard in the justice process. Gladue reports are prepared and submitted to the courts for consideration in the sentencing process. The report includes recommendations that are culturally grounded and individually focused.

Services Offered

  • Aftercare

  • Gladue letters

  • Bail letters

  • Gladue Reports

  • Referrals

  • Cultural Practices

  • Education and Awareness




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