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Indigenous Women's Leadership




The design of the Indigenous Women’s Leadership program is to support Indigenous women, their families and their communities in the province of Ontario.

This program builds capacity, provides training and workshops, and supports Indigenous women on their leadership journey.

This program will support Indigenous women as they strive to fulfill the responsibilities of their jobs, meet the needs of their families, and respond to the demands of their communities.

Provincially Available


Thunder Bay


Services Offered


The Indigenous Women’s Leadership program will further enhance Indigenous women’s leadership bundles by providing leadership skills and development training on:


  • Leadership methods

  • Facilitation skills

  • Board governance training

  • Financial accountability and transparency

  • Public education

  • Networking

  • Culture and Traditional Teachings

“Woman is the centre of the wheel of life. She is the heartbeat of the people. She is not just in the home, but she is the community, she is the Nation.

One of our Grandmothers. The woman is the foundation on which Nations are built. She is the heart of her Nation. If that heart is weak the people are weak. If her heart is strong and her mind is clear then the Nation is strong and knows its purpose. The woman is the centre of everything.”

"The Woman's Part" - Art Solomon

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