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The objectives and goals of the Responsible Gambling Awareness Program is to provide Community Awareness, Education,  Prevention, and individual referrals to our Indigenous women, community members and their families in a culturally  appropriate manner.


What Is Gambling?


Gambling involves games of chance where something of value is wagered for personal gain. It involves risk-taking and may lead to addiction. This includes bingo, lottery tickets, raffles, sports events, casinos and online gaming.

What Is Problem Gambling?


Problem Gambling is an addiction, not a game and is not done for entertainment or recreation. Problem Gambling is an obsession that can overtake and destroy one’s life.

Signs of Problem Gambling

  • Unexplained absences from work, school and/or home

  • Borrowing money from family/friends and not trying to pay it back

  • Loss of spirituality

  • Denial with self, family and/or events in life

  • Unexplained large amounts of money and debts

  • Self-neglect– eating and sleeping habits change, mood swings

  • Withdrawal from social activities  and relationships

Responsible Gambling


Responsible Gambling can be an exciting and entertaining activity for many people. They make careful decisions about spending time and money, where to go and how to have fun.​

How to Gamble Responsibly

  • Set a budget and stick to it

  • Do not use cash machines to get more money

  • Do not “chase” losses. Accept them as the cost of entertainment

  • Balance gambling with other leisure activities

  • Take frequent breaks

  • Be aware; risk increases at times of loss or depression

  • Don’t borrow money to gamble

  • Gamble for entertainment, not as a way to make money

  • Only use discretionary income, not money for everyday expenses.

  • Set a time limit

How We Support & Educate

Aboriginal Responsible Gambling Awareness Program (ARGAP) is committed to meeting the needs of Indigenous women and their families who are, or  know someone who is experiencing problems related to Gambling.

ARGAP is continually researching and developing educational information on the topic of responsible gambling, and healthy traditional alternative  approaches to gambling and addiction.

The focus is three main age groups:



  • Preventative practices and education for
    children of problem gamblers

  • Gaming and electronics – Healthy Habits


  • Responsible Gambling education

  • Awareness of problem gambling risks, available support and treatment services



  • Education on problem gambling with Elders

  • Healthy alternative activities

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