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Indigenous Anti-Human Trafficking



The Indigenous Anti-Human Trafficking Liaison (IAHTL) Program supports Indigenous communities in providing survivor focused and localized responses to Human Trafficking. The IAHTL initiative was created by and for Indigenous people in order to end Human Trafficking in our communities.

The program develops and implements culturally grounded presentations, educational materials, trauma-informed tools and resources, as well
as, awareness and prevention tools specific to Indigenous HT for communities that are created with invaluable guidance from survivors.

Liaisons organize community engagement and educational sessions with survivors, including youth, Two-Spirit and those who have recently exited, focusing on their strengths and resiliencies in order to inform the development
of best practice models.

Services Offered


  • Build capacity in service providers through training and education

  • Build capacity in survivors through empowerment, mentorship, supporting
    survivors in meeting their identified needs such as goal setting, training and education

  • Nurture survivor resilience and strengthening Indigenous women’s leadership Increase awareness in community through resource development & distribution

  • Community engagements and consultation

  • Survivor led strategies and initiatives

  • Advocacy

  • Connect those seeking to exit with culturally appropriate, wraparound, trauma-informed supports and services

  • Systems navigation

  • Provide safer spaces for survivors

  • Workshops, presentations and training across sectors to increase awareness of Indigenous Human Trafficking across the province in order to effect systems change


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