ONWA shares the teachings of full moon ceremony with our very own Land-based Coordinator. The video describes how to prepare, and ways to conduct your very own ceremony at home. The ceremony can take place up to three days before the full moon, or three days past.

Northern lights

“Mnido Giizis” Spirit Moon


The ¬first moon of Creation is Spirit Moon, and is manifested through the Northern Lights. It is a time to honour the silence and realize our place within all of Great Mystery’s creatures.


This moon is also known as the Wolf Moon, Canada Goose Moon, Center Moon, Cold Moon, Greeting Moon, and well as many others.


“Mkwa Giizis” Bear Moon


The second moon of Creation is Bear Moon, when we honour the vision quest that it began in the fall. During this time, we discover how to see beyond reality and to communicate through energy rather than sound. ​


This Moon is also known as Full Snow Moon, Eagle Moon, Groundhog Moon, Hungry Moon, Raccoon Moon, as well as many others.

Bucket of maple syrup

“Ziissbaakdoke Giizis” Sugar Moon


The third moon of Creation is Sugar Moon. As the maple sap begins to run, we learn of one of the main medicines given to the Anishnabe which balances our blood, and heals us. During this time, we are encouraged to balance our lives as we would our blood sugar levels, by using Divine Law.


This moon is also known as the Worm Moon, Goose Moon, Snow Crust Moon, Eagle Moon, and well as many others.

Sucker fish

“Namebine Giizis” Sucker Moon


The fourth moon of Creation is Sucker Moon, when sucker goes to the Spirit World in order to receive cleansing techniques for this world. When it returns to this realm, it purifies a path for the Spirits and cleanses all our water beings. During this time we can learn to become healed healers.

This moon is also known as Pink Moon, Breaking Ice Moon, Broken Snowshoe Moon, Frog Moon, Sugar Maker Moon, as well as many others.


“Waawaaskone Giizis” Flower Moon


The fifth moon of Creation is Flower Moon, where all plants display their Spirit sides for all the world to see. This life-giving energy is one of the most powerful healing medicines on Mother Earth. During this time, we are encouraged to explore our Spiritual essences.

As the trees, plants and flowers begin to bloom, let it be a reminder to allow your spirit to bloom, even during such times as these. As we honour this Moon in Ceremony, now is a time of purification.

This moon is also known as Sucker Moon, Frog Moon, Budding Moon, Corn Planting Moon, Milk Moon, Mother's Moon, as well as many others.


“Ode'imin Giizis” Strawberry Moon


The sixth moon of Creation is Strawberry Moon. The medicine of the strawberry is reconciliation. It was during this moon cycle that communities held their annual feasts, welcoming everyone home, regardless of their differences over the past year, letting go of judgement and/or self-righteousness.


Utilize the medicine of the strawberry to reconcile relationships in your life.  Regardless of indifferences, challenge yourself to walk in the teachings of love and humility.

This moon is also known as Booming Moon, Hot Moon, Mead Moon, Rose Moon, Egg Laying Moon, Hoeing Moon, Honey Moon, as well as many others.


“Miskomini Giizis” Raspberry Moon


The seventh moon of Creation is Raspberry Moon, it is a time of great changes, family and kindness. By learning gentleness and kindness, we will pass through the raspberry thorns and the prickliness of its stem and harvest the berries. These teachings help in guiding our children, family, community and how we take care of the Mother Earth, and everything that gives us life each and every day. Celebrate the Summer Season and the many gifts that it gives to us!

This moon is also known as Blueberry Moon, Buck Moon, Feather Moulting Moon, Thunder Moon, Salmon Moon, as well as many others.

Bucket of berries

“Datkaagmin Giizis” Thimbleberry Moon


The eighth moon of Creation is Thimbleberry Moon, when we honour the Thimbleberry which produces an abundance of fruit once every three years. It was one of the first plants put on Mother Earth, and its purpose is to protect the Sacred Circle of Life by allowing us to recognize and understand the teachings that come from the Spirit World. ​


This Moon is also known as Blackberry Moon, Wild Rice Moon*, Sturgeon Moon, Green Corn Moon, Flying Up Moon, as well as many others.

*The “Manoominike Giizis” Ricing Moon (August-October) can also be found on this page, see above.

Rice stalks

“Manoominike Giizis” Ricing Moon*


Ricing Moon is a time that represents balance, harmony and the future. Every harvest is a memory keeper that reminds us of the vision of survival when the Anishnaabe, Potawatomi and Odawa traveled from the east to west to find food that floats on water; a food that lives where the water is swallow and always moving.


The Manoomin, meaning “good berry”, is high in protein, is very nutritious and is gathered from lakes and waterways by canoe. Harvesting starts as early as Thimbleberry Moon (mid August) and ends as late as Falling Leaves Moon (mid October). Manoomin has been a staple of survival for the Indigenous peoples since time immemorial always giving us this gift of survival.

*This is an alternate teaching for the “Datkaagmin Giizis” Thimbleberry Moon (August) seen below.

Corn cob

“Mdaamiin Giizis” Corn Moon


The ninth moon of Creation is the Corn Moon, during which time we learn about the cycle of life. Each cob of corn has thirteen rows of multicoloured seeds which represent all the spirits waiting to begin their Earth Walk. These will be the future generations for whom we must prepare.


This moon is also known as the Changing Colours Moon, Harvest Moon, Barley Moon, Rutting Moon, Yellow Leaf Moon, and well as many others.

Falling leaves

“Binaakwe Giizis” Falling Leaves Moon


The tenth moon of Creation is the Falling Leaves Moon, a time when Mother Earth is honoured with the grandest of colours. As all of Creation makes their offerings to her, we become aware of all the miracles of Creation before us and our spiritual energies are once again awakened. ​


This Moon is also known as Harvest Moon, Drying Rice Moon, Freezing Moon, Ice Moon, Migrating Moon, as well as many others.


“Mshkawji Giizis” Freezing Moon


The eleventh moon of Creation is the Freezing Moon, a time when the Star Nation is closest to us. As every creature being prepares for the coming fasting grounds, we are reminded to prepare ourselves for our spiritual path by learning the sacred teachings and songs that will sustain us.


This moon is also known as the Beaver Moon, Frost Moon, Whitefish Moon, and well as many others.

Deer fawn

“Mnidoons Giizisoonhg” Little Spirit Moon


The twelfth moon of Creation is the Little Spirit Moon, a time of healing. By receiving both vision of the spirits and good health, we may walk the Red Road with purest intentions, and we can share this most positive energy with our families and friends for the good of all.

This moon is also known as Cold Moon, Long Night Moon, Snow Moon, as well as many others.

Deer buck

“Mnidoons Giizis” Big Spirit Moon


The thirteenth moon of Creation is Big Spirit Moon. Its purpose is to purify us, and to heal all of Creation, a process which may take a three-month long spiritual journey. During this time, we receive instructions on the healing powers of the universe and transform into our own vision of the truth.