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ONWA Applauds Ontario’s Commitment to Renewed and Increased Resources to Address Human Trafficking

The Ontario Native Women’s Association (ONWA) is pleased to see that the province has listened and responded to Survivors of Human Trafficking. Today’s announcement, a head of International Women’s Day reflects a commitment to addressing gender-based violence for women in Ontario. This new and expanded strategy contains investments that address the safety needs of Indigenous women and girls, which is critical to healthy communities.

Indigenous women and girls comprise a disproportionate number of those sexually exploited in Ontario through human trafficking. Today’s announcement by the Ontario government provides much needed hope. We are encouraged that this investment will allow for opportunities and collaboration to address the safety needs of women and children. Strategic and cross-ministerial investments are critical for longterm systemic change in addressing serious violence-related issues.

“It is clear that Indigenous women are a priority in this Strategy. This announcement brings with it an opportunity to make real change happen on the frontlines. This much-needed additional funding will bring foundational stability, resources and capacity to those communities most in need. ONWA applauds the foresight and forward thinking of the province and its commitment to ending Human Trafficking.” stated ONWA Executive Director Cora McGuire-Cyrette.

The new Strategy is aligned with the key principles contained in ONWA’s Journey to Safe SPACES:

Indigenous Anti-Human Trafficking Engagement Report which highlights the need for Indigenous specific initiatives. The Safe SPACES strategy recognizes that Indigenous communities are vital to addressing this issue in a balanced approach including education, prevention, support and accountability.

ONWA looks forward to continued collaboration with government and partner agencies to fully implement expanded anti-human trafficking initiatives across the province.


For more information, please contact: Andre Morriseau, Communications Manager Ontario Native Women’s Association (ONWA) Phone: (647) 970-7661



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