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Who is your SHERO-kwe?

We want to hear your strong warrior women stories!

March is Women's History month and ONWA is celebrating the achievements of women.

Who are the women that have made a difference in your community or nation? Is she your number one supporter? Is she your mother, sister, grandmother…your most deadly auntie? What makes her so strong? Is she a great cook, artisan, crafter, knowledge carrier? Is she a community helper or leader? What makes her the bravest, strongest, most resilient woman you know? Tell us why you wanted to be like her when you grew up? What makes your SHERO-kwe special to you?

Tell us about your SHERO-kwe and submit a photo/video to be entered into a draw to win a prize for both yourself and your SHERO-kwe!

Let’s celebrate the women that hold our worlds together…and honour the space they have made way for us and the future leaders of tomorrow!

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