Aboriginal Diabetes Education and Awareness

Program Overview

The goal of the Aboriginal Diabetes Education Program is to increase  awareness by providing Indigenous women and their families with information, resources and support to control and prevent diabetes within the Indigenous community.


  • affect on Indigenous people and their Increase awareness of diabetes and its communities

  • Develop and implement education programs for diabetes awareness

  • Develop and provide resources in a culturally appropriate manner

  • Assist in developing support groups for First Nations people 


Services Offered

All activities carried out by the program are grounded in a cultural foundation.

The Diabetes Program Coordinator provides services provincially and focuses on prevention and education activities that include:

  • Workshops for Indigenous people that focus on the prevention and
    management of diabetes

  • Gestational Diabetes information sharing sessions and presentations for
    Indigenous women

  • Workshops and educational activities about diabetes that are designed
    specifically for Indigenous women, addressing their unique needs; including topics like healthy eating, self-care practices, cooking, and foot care to prevent and address diabetes in themselves and their families

  • Increase knowledge of traditional foods as healthy alternatives

  • Information and resources development and distribution, including: nutritional cookbooks, educational brochures, and pamphlets

  • Basic Foot Care Information Sessions


Early Diagnosis is Important

Have your health provider perform a diabetes screening test today!

Signs that may indicate diabetes:

  • Lack of energy

  • Unusual and extreme thirst

  • Frequent urination, blurred vision or
    unusual weight loss

  • Frequent infections

  • Cuts and bruises that heal slowly

Management of diabetes includes:

  • An active lifestyle

  • Eating healthy meals

  • A positive attitude

  • Walking a balanced life



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Moc Walk

get active ∙ get fit ∙ have fun

ONWA’s “Mocc Walk” is a walking challenge, that occurs every year in May, to increase awareness about diabetes and support physical activity amongst Indigenous women and their families across Ontario.