Information for ONWA Chapters, Councils and community partners on recent developments for COVID-19

As of 12:00 P.M Friday, July 24th, 2020:

  • Globally: 15,801060 cases (+158,795); 639,184 deaths (+3,509); 9,630,720 recovered[1]

  • US: 4,203,872 (+33,554), 147,836 deaths (+487).

  • Brazil: 2,303,661 (+13,710), 84,440 deaths (+233)  

  • India: 1,337,021 (+48,891), 31,405 deaths (+760)

  • Canada: 112,867 cases (+195), 8,877 deaths (+3).

  • Ontario:  38,405 cases (+195); 2,758 deaths (+3).

    • 34,100 recovered (+137), 1,547 active cases (+55)

Summary of Key National & Provincial Press Conferences:


Prime Minister Trudeau Weekly COVID-19 Press Conference:

No press conferences this week.


Federal Health Ministers Weekly Press Conference:

Tuesday July 21st

  • Canada Update: 111,124 cumulative cases, 8,858 deaths, 88% of cases are recovered.

  • Over 3.57 million tested to date, averaging 42,000 tested per day with 1% positivity.

  • Local clusters of infection are expected, and public health officials must act quickly to control these outbreaks.

  • More than half of new cases are in adults under 40, and this trend continues to follow the opening of the economy (including restaurants, etc.)

  • Please continue to be vigilant and follow all public health guidelines.

  • Please continue to avoid crowded places and indoor spaces that are poorly ventilated.

  • The Federal government continues to diversify supply chains and enhance domestic manufacturing so that Canadians have better access to PPE in the event of a second wave.

  • The Federal government is launching the Federal services contingency reserve of PPE – a temporary reserve of critical supplies and equipment that can be purchased at-cost by essential service providers who are unable to access this equipment elsewhere. This will bridge short term gaps to avoid service disruptions in emergencies.

  • More information about this reserve will be posted online shortly.

  • Limiting disruptions to health, social and support services is a priority to protect and promote overall health and well being (i.e., regular health visits, healthy child development, vaccinations, mental health/substance use supports).

  • Pandemic is compounding the opioid crisis, and services including harm reduction and treatment programs are vital.

  • Wellness together portal provides free resources for mental health and addictions supports.


Premier Doug Ford Daily COVID-19 Press Conferences:

Monday July 20th, 1 pm

  • Over the weekend, hundreds of restaurants, bars, gyms, theaters, businesses opened their doors again.

  • This is a clear sign that we are on the right track. 10s of thousands of people are going back to work, but we can’t stop now.

  • Today we have more goo news for family’s businesses and communities.

  • The following regions will be allowed to open to stage 3 on Friday July 24th.

    • Durham, Hamilton, Niagara, York region, Haldimand-Norfolk, Hampton & Halton.

  • Important public health restrictions remain in place. We will continue to provide support at we reopen the province.

Wednesday July 22ndh 1 pm

  • 165 cases of COVID-19 on Wednesday, 50% of those in people under the age of 40.

  • Cases concentrated in Windsor-Essex, Ottawa and Peel. 39, 33 and 25 newly confirmed cases, respectively. Toronto reported another 28. 

  • The developments come after a spike in new infections in people under 40 yesterday that prompted Premier Doug Ford to say at his daily COVID-19 briefing that young people seem to be going "hog wild."

  • "I just have a message for young people: Don't go to a party, simple. It might not be you, but it's going to be your parents or your grandparents ….You're hurting people by doing this."

  • Ford addressed the PC party's move to oust Cambridge MPP Belinda Karahalios on Tuesday after she voted against Bill 195. The bill, which has now received royal assent, allows the province to extend or amend some emergency orders a month at a time for up to two years without consulting the legislature.

  • Ford said this is "critical" legislation to "protect the health and well-being" of Ontarians. "We can't wait three weeks to call back the legislature to move it forward," he said.

  • Twenty-eight of Ontario's public health units reported five or fewer additional cases today, and 18 of those 28 saw no new cases at all.

  • Ontario has seen a total of 38,107 confirmed cases. Of those, 88.7% are resolved, and 1,542 active cases provincewide.

  • The official COVID-19 death toll grew by two and sits at 2,755. 

  • 65% of deaths were residents of long-term care homes in the province, while eight health-care workers associated with the long-term care system have died. Public health officials are currently tracking active outbreaks in 37 facilities.

  • Ontario processed 23,990 test samples in the last 24 hours and18,881 are in the queue.

  • After falling to 101 earlier this month, there are now 128 hospitalized. 37 in ICU, 19 on ventilators.

  • The Ontario Legislature adjourned after an unprecedented session that saw cross-partisan collaboration in the fight against COVID-19. Since reconvening in February, the legislature passed 18 pieces of legislation, including emergency measures needed to protect public health and prepare for economic recovery. The legislature has now risen until September 14, 2020.

  • After authorizing safe, limited sittings of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario to allow for the passage of emergency legislation and in cooperation with the opposition parties and independent Members, the government charted a path to the responsible resumption of legislative business in May. The resumption of business facilitated the passage of 18 important pieces of legislation, including the Reopening Ontario (A Flexible Response to COVID-19) Act, 2020 and the COVID-19 Economic Recovery Act, 2020.

  • The Reopening Ontario (A Flexible Response to COVID-19) Act, 2020 ensures important measures remain in place to address the threat of COVID-19 once the provincial declaration of emergency has ended. These measures will provide the province with the necessary flexibility to address the ongoing risks and effects of the COVID-19 outbreak as Ontario moves towards recovery. The Act will come into force on July 24, 2020 to coincide with the termination of the declared provincial emergency.

  • The COVID-19 Economic Recovery Act, 2020 will help create jobs and generate development by getting key infrastructure projects built faster. It will also strengthen communities by ensuring municipalities are equipped with the tools they need to continue to provide critical services, along with protecting consumers, modernizing services, improving the education system and removing social and economic barriers for young people.

  • Additional emergency legislation introduced and passed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic includes:

    • Economic and Fiscal Update Act, 2020: The government's first steps in its response to COVID-19 were set out in the March economic and fiscal update, which included $7 billion in additional resources for the health care system and direct support for students, families and seniors, and made available $10 billion for people and businesses through interest and penalty relief measures and other deferrals to improve their cash flow, protecting jobs and household budgets.

    • COVID-19 Response and Reforms to Modernize Ontario Act, 2020: Legislative changes that made it easier for people to conduct business and practice physical distancing by providing Ontario corporations temporary flexibility to hold meetings virtually, defer certain annual meetings and allow the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services to accept copies of documents, electronic signatures on documents, and electronic filing of documents.

    • COVID-19 Support & Protection Act, 2020: The second phase of the government's response to the COVID-19 pandemic, which included temporary relief for repayment of student loans, extending expiring development charge by-laws, suspending time limits for planning matters, and extending deadlines for municipal Community Safety Plans.

    • Protecting Small Business Act, 2020: To support small businesses that experienced a significant decline in revenue during COVID-19, the government temporarily halted or reversed evictions of commercial tenants and protected them from being locked out or having their assets seized if they are eligible for federal/provincial rent assistance.

Ontario Chief Medical Officer of Health Provincial Bi-Weekly Press Conference:

Monday, July 20th  

  • Globally, nearing 15 million, 613,000 deaths.

  • US just under 4 million

  • Canada sitting at under 111,000 cases.

  • Ontario, 203 cases today, increase of 68 since last reporting day. First time over 200 in a while.

  • 37,942 cases. Where are they coming form. Ottawa reporting 20 today. Peel 35 cases (workplace outbreaks). York 27, Chatham Kent, 26, Windsor, 21 (workplaces),

  • Deaths increased by 1 to 2,753 deaths total. Percent positivity sitting at 1%

  • Acute care, 115 hospitalized, 55 ICU, 30 vented.

  • 16 LTC outbreaks, 304 outbreaks total.

  • 9 retirement homes in outbreak, change in 0, 150 resolved.

  • 3 hospitals in outbreak, change in 1.

  • Group homes 9, Correctional facilities 1. 3 shelters (+1), 1 daycare setting.

  • 17 workplaces (farms). 16 food processing centres (-1). 72 other types of workplaces.

  • 14 congregate settings that are in outbreaks. 6 outbreaks undefined.

  • HC workers 6333 (+9). 233 hospitalised cumulative (+1),

  • 7 more regions will enter stage 3 on Friday. 31 of 34 total.

  • Surrounding GTA area (Windsor, Peel, Toronto will remain in stage 2

  • As of Friday, all but TO, Windsor, Peel will enter stage 3.

  • 203 cases today, related to outbreaks, social gatherings by younger people, including someone from US who did not quarantine, family gathering that did not have proper protection, industrial workplace outbreak.

  • Windsor we continue to have farm outbreak, but lesser numbers. A group of Mennonites (36) had an outbreak, 3 hospitalized, 2 on ventilators, most und er age of 19.

  • All these clusters have happened in areas that are still in stage 2

  • AB and BC are having reverse uptick in cases.

Wednesday July 22nd

  • Ontario reporting a dip in new COVID-19 cases but is still recording an uptick from last week’s trends.

  • Health officials confirmed 165 new cases of COVID-19 on Wednesday, which is a decrease from the 203 cases reported on Tuesday. Of the 203 new cases yesterday, 35 were a result of a backlog in Peel Region and did not occur in the previous 24-hour period.

  • Health Minister Christine Elliott said 207 additional cases were also considered resolved in the province on Wednesday and that 28 of the 34 public health regions recorded fewer than five new infections.

  • More than 50 per cent of Wednesday's new cases are in people under the age of 40.

  • While the number of new cases is down from yesterday, last week Ontario reported fewer than 129 new cases each day, except for Saturday when 166 infections were recorded. Since then, the province has reported more than 135 new cases each day.

  • The province also recorded two additional COVID-19-related deaths in its latest report. A total of 2,755 people in Ontario have died as a result of the novel coronavirus.

  • Hospitalizations have increased for the second day. There are now 128 patients in Ontario hospitals with COVID-19, up from the 120 reported one day prior.

  • Of those 128 patients, 37 are being treated in an intensive care unit, 19 of which are breathing with the assistance of a ventilator. According to Wednesday's epidemiology report, these are the regions reporting the newest cases:

    • Windsor-Essex - 39 cases, Ottawa - 33 cases, Toronto - 28 cases, Peel Region - 25 cases, York Region - 11 cases

  • Toronto, Peel Region and Windsor-Essex have all been held back from advancing to Stage 3 of the province's reopening plan because of their case numbers.

  • Of the new cases in Ontario, 19 of them were under the age of 19, 66 of them were between the ages of 20 and 39, and 59 of them were between the ages of 40 and 59. There were 21 cases in people aged 60 and older.

  • Many total deaths to date have been reported in people over the age of 70. One person, under the age of 19, who had COVID-19 died in Ontario, but it is not clear if the death was caused by the disease or other health issues.

  • 11 patients who died were between the ages of 20 and 39, while 114 were between the ages of 40 and 59 and 738 were between the ages of 60 and 79.

  • COVID-19 testing in Ontario: In the last 24 hours, just over 23,990 COVID-19 tests were conducted by officials. Ontario health officials have conducted more than 1.93 million tests for the disease since the pandemic was declared. More than 18,881 tests are still under investigation.


Thursday July 23rd, 3 pm

  • This weekend, it has been 6 months since our first positive case in Ontario back in January.

  • In these 6 months, reflecting on how we have had to change, plan and move, how our teams and many groups have gathered and come together. We now have the command table and 43 sub-groups giving advice to me (MOH) and passing that up to Ontario government decision makers.

  • Everyone has made big sacrifices, but we are only coming down from the first wave, we are preparing for the second wave in the fall.

  • Globally some countries that have went into remission, are now seeing an increase in cases. How do we avoid that and make sure that does not happen?

  • We can’t be over confidence, we have to ask advice from our experts, and modelers.

  • Just like we are doing are part, you have to do your part.

  • Case counts: we have had some jumps this week, going over 200, but today we are at 103 new cases.

  • Only 24 in TO, 23 in Windsor Essex, Peel down to 15, Niagara 10.  Ottawa increased but back down to 14. 21 regions have no cases reported.

  • Ottawa saw outbreaks with social gathering of young people.

  • Number of people in ICU = 35 and 21 people are on ventilators.

  • No deaths reported yesterday (Wednesday)

  • Lab Testing: Continue to reach target of 20 000/day. 26 000 tests done yesterday.

  • Trends continue to go down over the week. Second time under 1000 in one week.

  • Our overall message is, lets bring the numbers down and bring the number under control to protect our vulnerable citizens.

  • We need you to stay the task, just because we have moved into stage 3, that doesn’t mean we still don’t have restrictions, people seem to be forgetting that. We still must social distance etc.…


Provincial Press Releases July 20th-24th, 2020:

Ontario Strengthening Community Safety in Kenora One-year pilot project will help support the community’s most vulnerable. July 24, 2020 11:32 A.M


Ontario Building and Expanding Schools across the Province. Modern facilities Will Strengthen Student Learning and Increase Access to Child Care. July 23rd, 2020, 1:00 PM.


Ontario Announces Five New Ontario Health Teams. Ontario Health Teams Better Connect Care and Support Ontario’s COVID-19 Response. July 23, 2020 10:37 A.M


Ontario Supports Indigenous Businesses During COVID-19. Ontario Together Fund Investment will Help Deliver Online Tools and Supports to Entrepreneurs and Business Owners. July 23, 2020 10:00 A.M.


Ontario Takes Steps to Combat Hate-Motivated Crimes. Community Partners to Lead Local Public Safety Initiatives. July 22, 2020 2:00 P.M.


Ontario Legislature Adjourns after Significant Sitting in Response to COVID-19. Emergency Measures Passed to Protect the Public and Prepare for Economic Recovery. July 22nd, 2020, 1:00 PM.


Ontario Moving More Regions into Stage 3. More Businesses and Services Across the Province Can Safely Reopen on Friday. July 20, 2020 1:00 P.M.


Weekly Daily New Cases



New cases

Change from last report

Jul 24:  195 (+89.32 %)

Jul 23:  103 (-37.58 %)

Jul 22:  165 (-18.72 %)

Jul 21:  203 (+50.37 %)

Jul 20:  135 (-17.68 %)

Jul 19:  164 (-1.20 %)

Jul 18:  166 (+49.55 %)

Jul 17:  111 (0.00 %)

Jul 16:  111 (+8.82 %)

Jul 15:  102 (-8.11 %)




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