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Honouring Mother Earth 2023 Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the Honouring Mother Earth 2023 contest! Chi Miigweatch (Thank you) to everyone who participated through online submissions and thank you to everyone who interacted with this event through all of our social media channels. It is always great to see so many people care about preserving and protecting Mother Earth.

Without further adieu... the winners of the Honouring Mother Earth 2023 contest are...


Wanda Keogh

Vicki Jenkins

Sharon Sapay

Marilyn George

Raven Corbiere

Community members:

Micheline Dallaire

Sheri Williams

Kayla Jackson

Melanie Thompson

Katherine Lopez

Thank you to everyone else who participated. We look forward to seeing all of your amazing submissions in our upcoming events including the Mocc Walk and Mental Health Week.

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