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Sacred Responsibility of Fatherhood

Thunder Bay, ON – Today, the Ontario Native Women’s Association (ONWA) would like to recognize all fathers providing love, safety and healing for Indigenous women and girls.

When we think of fathers, we see small hands reaching up for their guidance.

In traditional teachings, being a good role model for children is a foundational part of parenthood. The intergenerational transmission of traditional fatherhood teachings has been disrupted by colonial legacy and traumatic experiences. Indigenous men have often been left without strong, caring fathers and grandfathers to role model in their lives.

Fathers, grandfathers, uncles, cousins, and brothers are fundamental in creating safe spaces. Never committing, condoning, or remaining silent about violence against Indigenous women and girls is how Indigenous men strengthen their communities.

Today, we honour the role our fathers play in guiding our paths and providing love, safety and healing for Indigenous women and girls.

Visit ONWA’s Drum Book to listen and learn the Men’s Honour Song. This song recognizes the original instruction and sacred responsibility that was gifted by Creator for men to carry.

For more information:

Andre Morriseau, Communications Manager

Ontario Native Women’s Association (ONWA)




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