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She Is Wise Nibwaakaa Inaadiziwin Conference fosters capacity building for frontline workers

The She Is Wise Conference represents ONWA’s commitment to creating a safe space that fosters capacity building for frontline workers.

Frontline workers have an opportunity to learn about the wise practices on trauma-informed, culturally relevant practices in addressing violence against Indigenous women and Mother Earth. Wise practices are shared through carefully selected speakers and workshops that highlight expertise and knowledge of established community-based healing practices. Learners are able to incorporate these wise practices into their work and continue to support Indigenous women and their families.

In preparation for the annual She Is Wise Conference, ONWA invites submissions from community members including youth, to attend at no cost. Last year, the She Is Wise Conference was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. ONWA wanted to honour those who were selected last year to attend this year’s virtual conference without cost. Registration costs go to funding the conference, the purchase of the conference package which includes all workshop activity supplies. The remaining funds from registration go directly into youth programming and youth scholarships, ensuring we are developing the leaders of tomorrow.

We thank you for your interest in the conference. Please keep in mind that this conference is meant for frontline workers. If you are not a frontline service worker, ONWA provides numerous alternative training opportunities for Indigenous women. If you would like more information on training for your group or community, please visit or contact us at

Chi Miigwetch.

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