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14 Days of Grateful Photo Draw

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

The practice of expressing gratitude helps improve mental and physical well-being.

What are you grateful for?

ONWA is holding daily draws for a chance to win 1 of 2 $100 prepaid visa gift cards; every day beginning Friday, April 10, 2020, up to and including Thursday, April 23, 2020.

Enter by submitting a photo and brief description of what you are grateful for to



Day 1: Sherry Lickers and Sheena Slaney

Day 2: Chantal Wesley and Lisa Semerling

Day 3: Adrienne Assinewai and Carey Paypompee

Day 4: Kayla Milani and Tracey MacKinnon

Day 5: Wendy Kabel and Ashlynne Surovy

Day 6: Claudette Penagin and Heather Robidoux

Day 7: Joanie Wassaykeesic and Doretta Waswa

Day 8: Melodina Wesley and Linda Nasekapow

Day 9: Jessica Bannon and Maria Albanese

Day 10: Joanne Taylor and Victoria McMahon

Day 11: Crystal Samms and Kathy Bebamash

Day 12: Pamela Pelletier and Clarine Echum

Day 13: Miranda Rappazzo and Ginette Magiskan

Day 14: Amy Michano and Tristin Boyce

"I am grateful is love. My love for my 3 boys, who are the best boys, my love for my family and my best friends, Shelley and Maria. My life would be lost with out any of them love ❤️" -Sherry Lickers, Day 1 Winner

"I’m grateful that my fiancé and I have been blessed with another handsome boy,due on May 9! I’m also grateful with my last pregnancy my fiancé and I were able to make our best friends family bigger,I was a surrogate to bless them with a bundle of joy." -Sheena Slaney, Day 1 Winner

"I am grateful for the land. I enjoy chasing the sunset." - Chantal Wesley, Day 2 Winner

"That I get to experience another sunrise. Miigwetch." -Lisa Semerling, Day 2 Winner

"I have so much to be grateful for. I have a loving and supportive husband who is also my best friend, a cozy little home, and food in my cupboards. However, the thing I am most grateful for is the gift that Creator gave to create art. I am so thankful for this gift that has carried me through heartache and illness, has brought me immense joy and most importantly purpose." -Adrienne Assinewai, Day 3 Winner

"I'm grateful for having wonderful and loving families." -Carey Paypompee, Day 3 Winner

"I am grateful for the sun growing my plants, I see hope in the growth of night and day! Sun grows life." -Kayla Milani, Day 4 Winner

"Boozhoo, I'm grateful for friends & family who check up (daily) on me and vice versa. Supports available to those less fortunate- (food hampers, breakfast and lunch programs, Easter hampers). Cultural organizations adapting to the current situation & going viral. Mostly front line workers for keeping us safe, fed, healthy." -Tracey MacKinnon, Day 4 Winner

"The seasons. I am so grateful to live in an area that has such healing and amazing seasons. Each season has so many important memories and resources for us all to honour and respect. Miigwetch & Thank You Spring & Mother Earth 🌍💗🙏🏽💗🌍" -Wendy Kabel, Day 5 Winner

"I am grateful to have a son who makes me laugh throughout this difficult time and the ability to enjoy nature more than I have been. It’s important to get grounded and appreciate the things we have taken for granted." -Ashlynne Surovy, Day 5 Winner

"Family." -Claudette Penagin, Day 6 Winner

"I am grateful that my children appreciate the majestic beauty of nature as much as I do." -Heather Robidoux, Day 6 Winner

"I am grateful for my four children; how well behaved they have been, how quickly they are adapting to online learning. Also grateful for the patience of the teachers." -Joanie Wassaykeesic, Dsy 7 Winner

"I am grateful for my baby girl 💞" -Doretta Waswa, Day 7 Winner

"I am so grateful for my daughter & waking up every morning to her beautiful smile. I'm so blessed to be her mommy! And I'm grateful for having such wonderful family in my life. I'm grateful for my husband because if it wasn't for him we couldn't have our beautiful daughter Aria in our lives." -Melodina Wesley, Day 8 Winner

"I am grateful my 4 year sobriety, coming up April 19, 2020. Being here, at this present moment with so much more gratification. Living a well balance life with real life struggles. Rocky but real. Strong as each day goes by. Chi Miigwech." -Linda Nasekapow, Day 8 Winner

"I am grateful for the life of sobriety that I chose to live for my children. As a family, we regularly pray to our Creator with our gratitude for all of the things in our life and are always willing to help a neighbor when needed". -Jessica Bannon, Day 9 Winner

"I am grateful for Family. Many people will say family, because of support, love and care; it brought me back together with my aunt after 13 years. My father was adopted at a young age and lost contact with his adoptive side of his family as he got older, and began his own family. In 2018 I had to amazing opportunity to meet her after such a long time. She has grown to be my role model and my best friend. She has inspired me to be myself and become more confident. I look up to my aunt because she is a front-line worker (Nurse). No matter what, she is always helping and caring for others. I want to be just like her one day. Family isn't always blood, or those you live with. No matter where life takes you, or where you might be in life, your family will always BEE there for you. (Bees are her favorite)". -Maria Albanese, Day 9 Winner

"I am grateful for my kids good health and our home. My son suffers from febrile seizures and my newest baby is only 7 weeks as he is yet to get his needles. I was terrified when this all started to happen. My Eldest daughter is a great help with her brothers she is the best big sister I love my babies so much and although our world has turned inside out the kids are staying in good spirits and we smile and laugh everyday." -Joanne Taylor, Day 10 Winner

"I'm grateful for beautiful mother earth and the amazing outdoors." -Victoria McMahon, Day 10 Winner

"I am grateful for the ones that call me mom and look to me for strength in these times." -Crystal Samms, Day 11 Winner

" I am grateful for the path my daughter has chosen. She works hard every day to protect the environment and our natural resources. In this photo she's comforting three bear cubs while momma bear is given a health check in her den (out of frame)." -Kathy Bebamash, Day 11 Winner

"As we navigate this quarantine and epidemic, it’s easy to focus on the negatives. I believe gratitude can be a powerful tool for resilience. There is always positives to any situation. Staying home and working from home means more unexpected time with my children and I am grateful for every single extra minute." -Pamela Pelletier, Day 12 Winner

"That I Have four handsome sons, and one handsome grandson that mean the world to me." -Clarine Echum, Day 12 Winner

"My beautiful baby girls! They make everyday fun and exciting. I am truly blessed and grateful for them." -Miranda Rappazzo, Day 13 Winner

"I'm grateful for being apart of a team that only gives and gives, every year we give our children in our community this is year 4 now I've been volunteering for: Aroland 242 I'm forever grateful to be in my home." -Ginette Magiskan, Day 13 Winner

"The women in my life all have their talents, but one tradition we enjoy doing together is sharing teachings about our ribbon skirts. Today, I am grateful to have such an amazing support system of strong and passionate men & women in my life who have not only taught me how to be strong and passionate about my life, my family and my culture but also to love fiercely, to always have compassion, know my worth and walk with pride." -Amy Michano, Day 14 Winner

"I am most grateful for my son. Each day he teaches me how to love and endure the happiness and warmth he provides me with. He helps me grow and understand the meaning of life and my love for him. I am grateful to be his mother and to raise such a smart little man." -Tristin Boyce, Day 14 Winner

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