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Congratulations to the winners of the "Who is your SHERO-kwe?" promotion

The Ontario Native Women's Association (ONWA) would like to acknowledge and thank everyone who participated in the "Who is your SHERO-kwe?" promotion.

We are inspired by all the SHERO-kwe stories that have been shared with us throughout this promotion. We are eagerly looking forward to sharing these strong warrior women stories with everyone (keep an eye on our social media)!

Chi Miigwetch!


Winners: Community Members

  1. Brenda Christie and SHERO-kwe Clarice Wilcox

  2. Carol Ann Budd and SHERO-kwe Maureen Buchanan

  3. Carrianne Agawa and SHERO-kwe Cherokii Agawa

  4. Cheyanne Thomas and SHERO-kwe Tracy Bouchard-Foss

  5. Jamie Diamond and SHERO-kwe Elaine Endanawas

  6. Lesa Fox and SHERO-kwe Kylie Belinda Fox-Peltier

  7. Lisa Semerling and SHERO-kwe Annabelle Donio

  8. Patti McIntomney and SHERO-kwe Jennifer Teresinski

  9. Rowena Moonias and SHERO-kwe Vanessa Moonias

  10. Tabatha Hill and SHERO-kwe Chasity Martin

Winners: ONWA Membership

  1. Jennifer Kehoe and SHERO-kwe Mierelle Lapointe

  2. Laura Murray and SHERO-kwe Lily Kai Edmunds

  3. Lesley Belleau and SHERO-kwe Tracy Bouchard Foss

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