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Every Indigenous Voice and Vote Matters

Early voting in the 2021 federal election begins today. The Ontario Native Women’s Association (ONWA) encourages all Indigenous women and their families to make their voices heard and vote.

ONWA maintains that Indigenous women are the experts of their own lives and hold the knowledge and solutions to address the issues they face. Indigenous women have the right to choose who represents their voices.

The issues that matter to Indigenous peoples must be reflected in the incoming federal government’s priorities. ONWA’s expectations of Canada’s next governing party are:

  1. A renewed relationship beyond the Nation-to-Nation Framework that allows for direct engagement with all Indigenous women on the issues that impact their lives.

  2. A commitment to the full and timely implementation of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s 94 Calls to Action. For example, Action #5 – “We call upon the federal, provincial and territorial governments to develop culturally appropriate parenting programs for Aboriginal families.”. This is something that has not been reconciled is the bond between mother and child

  3. A commitment to the full and timely implementation of the 13 recommendations from ONWA’s report, Reconciliation with Indigenous Women: Changing the Story of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls (2020). The report was expertly informed by the voices of over 5,700 Indigenous women in Ontario over five decades.

  4. Dedicated investments into safe spaces where Indigenous women can safely access programs and services that meet their needs, regardless of their location.

  5. A commitment to the full and timely reinstatement of the Aboriginal Healing Foundation, including funding and programs to support healing services for Indigenous women, families, and communities.

Indigenous voices and votes can help decide the outcome of this federal election.

Visit these links to learn more on the platforms of the parties running in the 2021 federal election:

For more information:

Andre Morriseau, Communications Manager

Ontario Native Women’s Association (ONWA)


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