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ONWA Celebrates Métis Culture

Thunder Bay, ON – “On this Louis Riel Day, the Ontario Native Women’s Association (ONWA) would like to honour Métis women and their strong role of leadership in their communities. Inequities and racism are a challenge ONWA firmly stands against in support of our Métis brothers and sisters in addressing these issues.” shared Cora McGuire-Cyrette, Executive Director, ONWA.

Louis Riel Day is held every November 16th in Ontario. This day recognizes Riel’s profound sacrifice and his advocacy to protect the diverse history, culture, and identity of the Métis people. It marks the anniversary of Riel’s execution in 1885. Riel led Métis people in the Northwest Resistance against the government of Canada; because it was encroaching on Métis rights, culture, and way of life. Riel was captured, convicted of treason, and executed. Métis people across Canada were labeled as traitors, and for generations many felt the need to hide their Métis culture and heritage. Despite this injustice, many Métis people found a way to preserve their culture and pass it on to future generations.

"My people will sleep for 100 years, but when they wake it will be the artists who give them their Spirit back." - Louis Riel.

The Métis people have made many significant contributions to Canada. Métis have a rich heritage, inspired by the values and traditions of their ancestors, and shaped by adversity and resilience. Today Métis jigging, art and music continue to inspire. Métis are also proudly known as the flower beadwork people for their distinctive floral beadwork style.

Today at 7:00 pm (EST), please join ONWA, Thunder Bay Métis Council President Wendy Houston, and Thunder Bay Métis Council Member Trudy Bellamy for an evening of reflection and celebration of Louis Riel. The night will include a Métis dot art project and conversations surrounding Métis culture. REGISTER NOW:

To learn more about Louis Riel Day, please visit:

For more information and media inquiries, contact:

Andre Morriseau, Communications Manager

Ontario Native Women’s Association (ONWA)


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