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Congratulations to the winners of ONWA's SHERO-kwe promotion

Chi Miigwetch (Thank you) to everyone who participated and shared your strong warrior women stories! This month long celebration of the achievements of women was beautiful, and we are honoured that you shared it with us.

The winners are:

Community Members:

  1. Cheyanne Thomas, and SHERO-kwe Tracy Bouchard-Foss

  2. Patti McIntomney, and SHERO-kwe Jennifer Teresinski

  3. Louise Jacko, and SHERO-kwe Wanda Beaudry-cajanek

  4. Lori Flinders, and SHERO-kwe Jessica Wilson

  5. Tabatha Hill, and SHERO-kwe Chasity Martin

Membership, ONWA Chapters and Councils:

  1. Lesley Belleau, and SHERO-kwe Tracy Bouchard-Foss

  2. Barbara Fobister, and SHERO-kwe Roberta Keesick Gwewich

  3. Holly Hughes, and SHERO-kwe Melinda Commanda

  4. Jennifer Kehoe, and SHERO-kwe Mierelle Lapointe

  5. Kathy Muldoon, and SHERO-kwe Jayden Muldoon

  6. Laura Murray, and SHERO-kwe Lily Kai Edmunds

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